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"This captivating saga instantly draws readers into Irish immigrant Maggie McFarland's quest to find her own self-worth in a new land where men claim others as property. As Maggie's journey takes her from mid-19th century Ireland to Pennsylvania and south to the Carolina Lowcountry, she learns that her own trials and gifts offer her a unique perspective on the value of freedom and just what constitutes a real family. Thought-provoking and inspiring!"

          -- Susan Diamond Riley, award-winning author of The Sea Island's Secret and The Sea Turtle's Curse

"Loved, loved this story! The "proverbial page turner!" Now I will be on the hunt to see if our home was a safe house- all things are possible, and Kim knows how to bring all possibilities to life in her novels. Recommend this to all readers. I can imagine this story hitting the "big screen"


"Shadows of the Moss is a wonderful story of a young lady forced to leave her native Ireland. Expecting a land of opportunity and familial connections, she is instead thrown into horrible circumstances and heartache. If not for the kindness of strangers very different than herself, she is likely to find herself dead. Once I started reading, I didn't want to put the book down. Normally, I am an audio book listener. This book brought back the joy of holding the printed page in my hands. I am a solid fan of Mrs. Poovey's books and this is definitely my new favorite!!!"

Kindle Customer


"Nothing to dislike. Would recommend it to everyone. Tastefully written and keeps you turning pages. Hope there will be a sequel!"


"This is by far the best book I have read in years. I wasn’t able to put it down and couldn’t wait to learn more on each page I turned. Amazing author and astounding writing and imagery!"

"Wonderfully written, great from beginning to end. Very descriptive, I felt like I was in the thick of it with Sarah and Danni, I believe I took in a whiff of Chanel No.5!! Can't wait for the next one! Highly recommend it to all."

"Kim Poovey is an extraordinarily talented writer. This book engages the senses and keeps you hanging on. An excellent read for everyone!"

"Would recommend it to everyone. Tastefully written and keeps you turning pages. Hope there will be a sequel!"

"Kim Poovey has proven to be a truly gifted author. This book is one of the best I’ve ever read. It will scare you then make you laugh. I love the friendship between Sarah and Danni. Can’t wait for the next book. Thank you, Kim!"

Fabulous read on daily life inside a plantation home pre, during and post civil war. Easy read, and once past the first few chapters, could not put the book down. Heart warming throughout, and brought tears in the last chapter. GREAT WORK, Mrs. Poovey! AND, a must read for anyone who has visited, lived, or studied life in the low country of South Carolina!!"

"It pairs perfectly with coffee and chocolate."

"I was up half the night because I couldn't stop reading!" 

"Loved, loved your book Kim. Please write another!!"

"I absolutely loved this book!!!! It made me laugh, cry and unable to put it down!!!!!!"

"The book is fabulous...started it at night-finished it two mornings later; couldn't put it down."

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