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Kim is available to speak at book club gatherings, locally or virtually, about her books and authorship.  Please contact her for special rates on bulk orders for book club groups.

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"This captivating saga instantly draws readers into Irish immigrant Maggie McFarland's quest to find her own self-worth in a new land where men claim others as property. As Maggie's journey takes her from mid-19th century Ireland to Pennsylvania and south to the Carolina Lowcountry, she learns that her own trials and gifts offer her a unique perspective on the value of freedom and just what constitutes a real family. Thought-provoking and inspiring!"

          -- Susan Diamond Riley, award-winning author of The Sea Island's Secret and The Sea Turtle's Curse



With famine raging in Ireland, Maggie’s father makes the painful decision to send her to stay with family in America.  Her excitement quickly fades when her uncle’s hostility and contempt threaten her life, compelling her to run away. Facing starvation in an unknown country, Maggie is rescued by a family with a secret of their own. She’s introduced to the Underground Railroad where her faith in humanity is restored. However, her uncle’s hatred runs deeper than she realized, forcing her to flee south where she must choose between love and loyalty while struggling with her own internal battles. How long can she hide before her uncle’s relentless pursuits destroy her and those she seeks to help?

First in the Shadows series.

First in the Dreamist series




"Loved this book . It was a page turner that I could not put down. Great character development and descriptions of surroundings. Can’t wait for the next book. I highly recommend purchasing The Haunting of Monroe Manse, was thrilled to be able to download onto my Kindle. 5 stars." J.M.C.

Sarah Holden is a small town antiques dealer plagued by haunted dreams and gruesome visions. When she recieves a career-defining opportunity to liquidate a multimillion-dollar estate that harbors a chilling secret, she's forced to face her own insecurities as well as the ghosts of her past. But will she be able to complete the job and find the answer to a century old mystery before her time runs out? Once Sarah's ghostly dreams morph into reality, the whispers of the past cannot be silenced.

First in the Dreamist series.

truer words.png


"A beautiful story of low country life. Join Emma as she shares her stories of life and love in the south. Author Kim Poovey does a great job. I look forward to reading more from her." A.R. 


Emma Victoria Brown was born and raised in the Lowcountry of South Carolina on a wealthy plantation with a deadly family secret. Undeterred by societal expectations, Emma struggles to be the woman she longs to be while striving to do the right thing in the face of adversity. Share in Emma’s childhood antics, joys, civil war experience, and tragedies as you travel to a genteel yet troublesome era. 

Dickens' Mice front cover jpeg.jpg

Nothing evokes the feeling of Christmas like the sparkle of newly fallen snow, the harmonious sounds of carolers, and a spirit of love. Dickens’ Mice: The Tails behind the Tale is a heartwarming story about camaraderie, hope, and helping our fellow man, or mouse. Follow these long tailed friends as they lend a paw to a famous author in distress, helping him create one of the most memorable Christmas stories ever scripted.

Two additional stories are included.

Book Two in the Dreamist series


Antiques and estate dealer, Sarah Holden, has endured haunted dreams and ghostly encounters throughout her life. Only recently, she discovered that her macabre nightmares were actually an inherited trait referred to as a Dreamist.  These skills allow her to communicate with the dead through her dreams, helping them move on by resolving unsettled aspects of their deaths. Now she’s been enlisted to help her best friend, Danni, with a murder trial in Edgefield, South Carolina. 


Once in Edgefield, things get more complicated when Sarah is introduced to a group of ghost hunters, one of which catches her attention. Can Sarah thwart the growing affection for a man she just met? As her haunted dreams lead her closer to the answers her attorney friend is seeking, Sarah discovers the buried secrets of this southern town are more dangerous than she realized. Will Sarah and Danni be able to unravel the truth behind the murder before the killer discovers Sarah’s special abilities and sends them both to join the dead?


The Haunting of Edgefield Manor is the second in the Dreamist series. The first in the series, The Haunting of Monroe Manse, is available in print or on Kindle. Signed copies can be purchased at 

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