Performance Photos






“It was like I was right there, I could see the oak tree and everything.”

“I was mesmerized the whole time”

"It’s not Christmas until we have seen your performance”

“We were hanging on your every word…”

"I have seen this three times now and I still get goose bumps”


"If history classes were taught like this, everyone would love history."

"I laughed and I cried..."


Book Reviews


"Fabulous read on daily life inside a plantation home pre, during and post civil war. Easy read, and once past the first few chapters, could not put the book down. Heart warming throughout, and brought tears in the last chapter. GREAT WORK, Mrs. Poovey! AND, a must read for anyone who has visited, lived, or studied life in the low country of South Carolina!! "

"It pairs perfectly with coffee and chocolate."

"I was up half the night because I couldn't stop reading!" 

"Loved, loved your book Kim. Please write another!!"

"I absolutely loved this book!!!! It made me laugh, cry and unable to put it down!!!!!!"

"The book is fabulous...started it at night-finished it two mornings later; couldn't put it down."




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