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Book Clubs

Kim is available to speak at book club gatherings, locally or virtually, about her books and authorship.  Please contact her for special rates on bulk orders for book club groups.

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First in the Shadows trilogy
Book 1 in the Dreamist series
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Book 2 in the Dreamist series

Sentimental Strands



Discover the sentimental endearments of the 19th century such as friendship albums, mourning practices, and hair work. Displays of antique items are shared as well as demonstrations of the intricate gimp work done to create hair wreaths.

Presentation lasts approximately 40 minutes and pairs well with museum and historical society lectures, or groups interested in the delicate pastimes of Victorian ladies. 

The Haunted Past 

Learn the intricate and meticulous rituals required of 19th century families when mourning the loss of a loved one. Kim shares displays of mourning jewelry, photography, and accoutrements of the era. Ghost stories make the event a spine tingling experience. This performance pairs well with haunted tea parties, museum exhibits, or dessert gatherings, and lasts  approximately 35 minutes.





Discover the 19th century origins of Christmas traditions still celebrated today. In addition, heart-warming Christmas stories envelop audience members in the warmth of the season.


Customize the performance by choosing the narration of Emma Victoria Brown or Charles Dickens's daughter, Mamie Dickens.

This performance pairs well with dinner club events, tea parties, or Christmas gatherings, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.



Currently Unavailable-Corsets to Crinolines

Peek into the wardrobe of a Victorian lady as Kim demonstrates the daily dressing rituals required of women during the 19th century. Learn proper etiquette and fashion styles of the Victorian era. The language of the fan, a humorous look at Victorian communication between ladies and gentlemen, is also presented. This performance pairs well with afternoon tea parties, museum presentations, wine and cheese parties, or dessert gatherings, and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Currently Unavailable-
If Porches Could Talk

Experience history as if sitting on the front porch of a Lowcountry mansion, while Kim regales audience members with a brief history of Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head during the 19th century and beyond.

This performance pairs well with dinner club events, fundraisers, museum exhibits, tea parties, or wine and cheese parties, and lasts approximately 35 minutes.

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