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The Quintessential Victorian (c)

Good morning to all those trapped in the wrong era! Throughout my life I have always felt displaced, as if I didn't quite fit in. At an early age I was enamored with cameos, antique furnishings, and historic homes. It wasn't until the age of 35 that I realized who and what I was-a Victorian. Over the years I've encountered others who have uttered the same phrase that has crossed my lips on many occasions-"I was born in the wrong era." Because of this I've decided to begin a new endeavor to bring together like-minded Victorians to a place where we can enjoy the splendor of days gone by. The Quintessential Victorian will address 19th century fashion, jewelry, entertainments, tea, literature, and more. Reviews of period films and historic places will also be included. Won't you please join me on the porch for a cup of tea and time in the past...


Victorian Lady Kim

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