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Bathtub Diaries, Replumbed, Living Room Storage

Now that the bathroom is gutted, the living room and kitchen have become storage for all the lovely things awaiting installation.

Hot water heater and toilet seat.

Vanity, toilet, and tub fixtures.

Tile flooring and paint in the dining room.

A little side note, for grins and giggles, regarding the budget. Hubby tends to Always looking for a deal, he will hunt for months to save a few dollars (beep, beep, beep goes the bus). When I went to Lowes to look at toilets, I was shocked at how high the price tags were! Hubby to the rescue. He got on Facebook marketplace and found two options.

This lovely option was a mere $40 to which I said, absolutely not.

New one in the box was $50. Still a no.

And here's the one I got from Lowes:).

Other selections for the bathroom.

Porcelain tile for the floor.

Vanity with marble top.

But what about the tub?

Tub updates tomorrow!




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