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Bathtub Diaries, Replumbed, Snafus and Stained Glass.

The bathroom renovation continues to move forward with some minor snafus to report. Because we live in an old house, we have gas heat (I'm told this is the best and only way to efficiently heat historic homes:). Our water heater was electric and in order to switch to a tankless we needed to have gas lines installed. Mat, gas line guy extraordinaire, came out to look at our system. Turns out, we had galvanized pipes running in the dirt under the house . Apparently, this is not the optimal arrangement since soil tends to ruin galvanized piping (I'm using my own terms, not the technical explanations of the professionals:). So we replaced the galvanized stuff with updated piping, added a ground, and then checked the gas. While checking the gas, Mat discovered a small leak in our attic and repaired it. Phew! Snafu resolved!

Now on to the stained glass. Although Faith Cottage never had stained glass originally, we have added it to every window. The small stained glass piece that perched in the bathroom window prior to the reno was lovely but didn't provide a great deal of privacy, a necessity if I plan on soaking in the tub. However, this was something we could search for over time.

Last Saturday I did a little antiquing. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just getting out of the house for a bit. One of my stops was Bay Street Treasures (ground floor of the Elliott House on the corner of Bay and Charles Streets) to say hi to Jinny and Alison and do a little browsing. As I entered the last room, I stopped. There it was. A stunning antique stained glass window caught my eye. It appeared to be the right size and shape and the kaleidoscope colors glimmered. I didn't buy it because it was outside of our budget (see previous stained glass window entries from the original Bathtub Diaries at bottom of page;). And so I went home disappointed.

I sat down to write but my mind kept wandering back to the stained glass. Stop it, I told myself. You can't afford it. Still, it haunted me. I dismissed it from my mind again. For all I knew it was the wrong size. Only one way to remedy that. I called and got the measurements. It was a fit. Ugh.

Back to writing. Mind wanders to expensive stained glass and how fabulous it would look in the bathroom window. I mean, how often do you find an antique piece of stained glass that would fit a small bathroom window? So I called mom (hubby was out of town). We laughed at the similarities between this stained glass window story and the one from the original Bathtub Diaries. For those who know me, I'm a bargain hunter. So I got online in search of something comparable. Hmm...the pieces I found online were smaller and the prices were high! Suddenly the cost of this particular piece didn't seem so bad (see how I rationalized that? I'm the queen, giggles).

Needless to say, mom offered some money (early birthday present) and I was able to purchase the stained glass window. Yay!

David Murray and his crew have made a great deal of progress on the bathroom. The drywall is up and the bead board and trim was completed today.

Today, the old water heater was removed providing storage in the laundry room. We now have a functioning tankless water heater:).

Thanks for reading today's Bathtub Diaries, Replumbed, updates! Stay tuned for more...



Stained glass excerpts from original Bathtub Diaries:


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