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Jewelry vs. Books

I’m a jewelry hound whether it be costume or the real deal. I truly enjoy handmade jewelry and have dabbled a bit in creating a few pieces myself. However, books also capture my attention. I love books in any shape or form but mostly old ones. There’s something wonderful about the yellowed pages, the scent of days gone by, and the idea that someone else perused the pages before me. Of course, the classics are my favorites, especially anything by Dickens. With limited space in our house, only the most treasured tomes could stay, or so I thought. Piling up books, stashing them in discreet spaces, and using them in the décor allowed for a few more volumes to sneak in. I began by collecting books that had beautiful covers with ornately gilded titles and flora. Then it was anything by notable authors like the Brontës, Kipling, Austen, Irving, and so on. There’s something inherently comforting about having books throughout the house. Little treasures filled with other worlds, times, and places that can take you away by merely opening the cover and turning the pages.

For my birthday, hubby gifted me with a lovely little 19th century copy of Dickens’ Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain. Combining my love of Dickens and ghosts, I relished the story and look forward to reading it again.

Another of Dickens’ Christmas tales, this one has a similar theme as his others in that love, forgiveness, and the Spirit of Christmas can revive the most hardened of hearts. I highly recommend it no matter the time of year. 

So, the question remains, jewelry or books? Which do you prefer? Reply to this email and let me know!




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