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When the past comes a' calling...

It's funny how we go through life harboring a passion for something yet never leaving the port. At the age of 35 I accepted my Victorian self, it was clear to me who and what I longed to be. As a shy child, I kept these things buried deep within for fear of being different. Sadly, most young people long to fit in with the crowd instead of stand out. I secretly loved cameos, frilly dresses, and dolls but having been coined a 'Tom boy' (I was an equestrian and therefore always in a barn) I didn't pursue my inner Victorian. Even at the point of choosing a wedding gown I fought my true self. I longed for one of those classic lacy styles that hugged the upper body and flowed out in layers of frothy organza across the floor. One thing I never wanted was a veil. I instead chose to wear a hat. Another aspect I'd denied myself was wearing hats. They weren't in fashion during the 80s and thus I avoided them (once again-I wasn't a trend setter). When the time came to choose my wedding ensemble I chose the hat first. That drove the gown selection. All of the sleek, lace gowns with the princess cut necklines either didn't fit properly or appeared awkward with the hat. Finally we found a flowing little gown, fitted at the bodice with organza flowers dotted with tiny seed pearls. The skirt was full requiring a set of hoops that led a long train. It was perfect with the hat but I hated it! Nonetheless, it was in the price range and could be fitted to my then very small size four body:). At least I liked the hat and so the wedding plans continued. It wouldn't be until the day of the wedding that it all fell into place. My hairdresser of many years, David, came in early to style my hair in a lovely up swept chignon indicative of the late 19th century (once gain matching the hat). Once I arrived at the church and dressed I was astounded at the result. Before the mirror stood a vision of the Victorian era, although I didn't realize it at the time. All I saw was that the overall appearance was lovely. Years would pass before I'd look back at my wedding photos and see the Victorian beginning to emerge. And so the story continues...


Victorian Lady Kim

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