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Cameo vignette...

Just for fun, I am posting a variety of cameos, both old and new, as well as period photos of women donning cameo jewelry. Kramer, blog star cat, decided to assist with the photo shoot. Enjoy!


Victorian Lady Kim

Shell cameo pendent by Florenza with seed pearls.

Glass intaglio set in brass bezel.

Kramer helping with photo shoot.

Plastic cameo brooch, c. 1970s.

Woman wearing cameo brooch with matching earrings, c. 1870s.

Vintage plastic cameo brooch with rhinestones and pearls.

Plastic cameo necklace by Heirlooms.

Woman wearing shell cameo brooch, c. 1860s.

Hardstone cameo set in gold filled bezel with chain, c. 1870s.

Woman wearing rectangular shell cameo, c. 1880s.

Shell cameos set in silver filigree, c. 1920s.

Kramer presenting another period photo.

Woman wearing shell cameo brooch, c. 1860s.

Black cameo in high relief.

Lady wearing shell cameo brooch, c. 1880s.

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