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Victorian Dreams

Sometimes it's fun to think about what you would do with unlimited funds and a little imagination. Having posted about historic Abbeville the past few days, I decided to share my dreams of what I would do if living there:).

To begin, I would purchase the large pink building, c. 1865, overlooking the downtown square to be a Victorian tea room and antiques shop. The interiors would be refinished utilizing all of the original woodwork and lighting fixtures. The exterior would receive a fresh coat of paint and window boxes filled with colorful blooms. Of course, I would don my 1880s attire when greeting guests.

1880s Tea Gown from Truly Victorian patterns

Roses and fine china would fill the space as visitors partook of the vast tea selection (from Harney and Sons and the Charleston Tea company). Each 19th century table, surrounded with brocade upholstered chairs, would be veiled in antique linens with fresh flower arrangements in the center. The loft section would be a more casual area sporting velvet settees and parlor chairs where customers could order a pot of tea and curl up on the sofa to read (something like a coffee house but with tea instead). Floor to ceiling shelves filled with literary classics would line one wall inviting patrons to choose a favored tome.

A menu of scones, tea sandwiches, fruits, and savories would be freshly prepared each day using locally grown products when possible. Servers wearing full length black skirts, white blouses, and Battenburg lace aprons would serve customers while Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart played in the background.

As for our private residence, we would choose one of the Victorian homes within walking distance of the square. This would be a difficult endeavor with so many lovely choices.

The name of the tea room would be something akin to The Victorian Parlor or Quintessentially Tea, or perhaps something whimsical like QuinTEAssential. Whatever the name, it would be a place of dignity and grace offering the perfect pot of tea in a 19th century setting.

Ahh, the things of which dreams are made...


Victorian Lady Kim

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