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Anatomy of a Teacup

Theories abound regarding the shape of a wine glass in relation to the proper taste and bouquet of the wine. Lady Oolong believes this applies to tea as well. There is nothing more disgraceful than taking tea from a coffee mug. The following tutorial is meant to clarify this philosophy.

First and foremost, let us look at the coffee mug, a nondescript, clunky receptacle for serving brewed beans. And don’t let the floral decoration fool you; it’s still a coffee mug. Coffee is for slurping whilst tea is for sipping.

Having no shape or form, a coffee mug lacks the distinction for holding tea.

Let’s look at the traditional cup and saucer. Note the soft lines, delicate handle, and gentle curvature of the cup. This is how tea should be enjoyed. However, modern society has a need for large quantities to be taken with each cup, thus the tea mug is an acceptable alternative. How does this differ from a coffee mug, you ask?

Much like the tea cup, the tea mug has a curvy shape and a lip from which to sip. One must have this slight curve at the opening to prevent scalding one’s tongue. This is of the utmost importance as it is poor etiquette to blow on tea nor is it wise to add an ice cube. Thus, the lip of the cup allows for delicate sipping of the elixir.

Some lips are more prominent than others.

Note, when you have a lip there's room for inspirational messages.

Additionally, one can decorate with tea cups as their appearance is pleasing to the eye.

Some tea mugs are a bit shapelier with curves in all the right places...

whilst some have lovely little surprises inside the lip to provide a visual display while sipping tea.

Even the mismatched cup and saucer can blend seamlessly to make a statement.

Stackability allows for better storage.

Tea is meant to be savored and thus the ceremony of taking tea should be done with the utmost propriety. And now that you know the anatomy of a teacup, please be sure to drink properly.

Happy sipping,

Lady Oolong

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