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There's nothing better than a good mug. They hold your favorite drink and display fun images or inspiring texts. Mugs also carry memories. Your favorite mug might have been a gift from a friend or a souvenir from a noteworthy trip. The only pitfall to mugs are the lack of storage when they begin to crowd the cabinet shelves. As a tea drinker, I prefer a mug with a large handle and a curved lip so the tea flows over the tongue softly. However, when I partake of an occasional cup of java, I want a sturdy mug. Coffee just seems like a more formidable drink and needs a heftier vessel.

Since tea and coffee go so well with books, I decided to share a few of my favorite mugs.

I love this handcrafted pottery mug with a bat soaring across it. My youngest sister, Sarah, gifted this to me for Christmas. The handle is comfortable to hold and the lip is just right for tea! I also included the special edition of Dracula hubby gave me for Christmas. It has illustrations by Edward Gorey and a red velvet cover.

Even the edges are decorated with bats!

My Dickens mug is another favorite along with the two book mugs. Even though there are no lips on the Dickens and large book mug, they still have a comfortable handle and favored themes on the front. The large book mug was a Christmas gift from my other sister last year. The smaller one I purchased at a yard sale and is perfect for tea.

My castle mug was a gift from dear friends, Chris and Donna Humphreys when they visited England. They know I love all things English and tea. The best part of this mug is the other side.

These mugs are favorites because they're beautiful and comfortable to sip from. The largest rose mug was a special gift from dear friend, Rose Cook.

For a little giggle, I decided to share a special coaster (another gift from my youngest sister).

Thanks for sharing in my mug post! Livvy and I are going to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.




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