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Book Blessed

Spring is upon us. Gardening, walking, outdoor gatherings, and cook-outs all loom on the horizon as we welcome warmer temperatures and colorful blooms. It’s also a time to start building your summer reading list (or adding to your current one:).

In honor of spring reading, I’m going to highlight local Indie booksellers. Amazon is generally the go-to for most people when it comes to purchasing books; however, there's something special about spending time at an Indie bookstore. Each has its own personality and feel. Some have themes while others specialize in a specific type of book. Regardless, Indie bookstores are the heartbeat of readers and writers. This is where we connect.

Indie bookstores provide a sanctuary for the reader with shelves of books to peruse along with personal attention from shop owners. For writers, it’s an outlet to reach new readers as well as reconnecting with loyal fans. Indie bookstores can order the book you’re looking for and make recommendations for others. You might pay full price instead of the Amazon discount, but you’re supporting a small business, experiencing the nostalgia of shopping in a book store, and creating a relationship that can last for years. These are things Amazon can’t deliver.

The first Indie bookstore I’m featuring this month is Nevermore Books in historic Beaufort, SC. This Poe themed shop is brimming with curiosities and shelves of rare editions, antique tomes, in addition to new books. One section is dedicated to local authors and a back corner houses vintage vinyl. Dave and Lorie Anderson are welcoming and knowledgeable to all who shop there. They can order and ship any book you like (including signed copies of my books). Nevermore is like stepping into the pages of Poe’s works with just the right touch of creepy. You can visit them at 910 Port Republic Street or online at

Enrich your reading life! Shop and read Indie!




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