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Crosses, Cameos, and Quills

Crosses, Cameos, and Quills: A few of my favorite things.

I’m a collector which is a mild way of saying I’m obsessed with certain things, (OK, lots of things). My collections are generally Victorian in nature. Antique and vintage crosses are one of my favorites. The intricacy of the workmanship is lovely as it scrolls and swoops across gold or silver. The more ornate, the better.

Then there are cameos. I’ve always loved them, whether it’s one of the inexpensive plastic ones found at a big box store or the finely carved shell pieces from the 19th century. There’s something about these little works of art that capture my heart.

Antique writing accoutrements are another favorite collection. I hunt for old quill pens as well as inkwells, writing boxes, and typewriters (only have two of those due to space limitations). Not only do I enjoy the efficiency of these items but the ingenuity behind them. There’s something wonderful about the feel of a nib pen (whether affixed to a quill or other material) gliding across parchment or the tap, tap, tap of typewriter keys. Call it nostalgia.

I suppose I enjoy these things because they represent meaningful parts of my life. My faith in God is the most important, thus the crosses. I am a Victorian and adore all things affiliated with the era. For me, the cameo best characterizes this time period. Finally, as a writer, all gadgets associated with writing hold a natural appeal.

There you have it, a few of my favorite collections representing things that hold great meaning in my everyday existence. What are some of your favorite collections and how do they represent you? Please reply to this email and share:).

Fun Fact:

I'm often inspired by antiques, leading me to incorporate them as characters and/or items in my stories. Years ago, hubby gifted me with this late 19th century garnet studded horseshoe brooch with a tintype of the woman who wore it on her riding habit (photo below). This was the inspiration for the character, Eleanor 'Nora' Monroe in book one of the Dreamist series, The Haunting of Monroe Manse. Originally, she was called Ellie because all of the Monroe woman had a name beginning with 'E'. However, Ellie's and Edie's (another character) names were too close which got confusing at times. Therefore, her name was changed to Nora to make the readability of the story smoother.


Kim Poovey

Author of historical fiction and hauntings


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