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It's been a while...

since I last posted. Life has been busy with family, work, and writing. Blessings abound with my most recent releases, The Haunting of Monroe Manse (November 2021) and Shadows of the Moss (May 2022). I’m overwhelmed by the support, positive feedback, and kind words my friends and readers have showered upon me. I am grateful for all of you!

Some of the milestones, or bucket list items, I’ve enjoyed these past few months include:

· Being an instructor for Camp Conroy

· Having an interview with Jonathon Haupt at the Pat Conroy Literary Center

· Presenting for the local chapter of the Pulpwood Queens Book Club

· Writing a post for Kim Catanzarite’s newsletter

· My books being sold at several venues around town (Nevermore Books, MacIntosh Books, Beaufort Bookstore, Lowcountry Store, Thibault Gallery, and Lowcountry Living Room)

· Attending several book signings of local authors and NYT bestselling authors (there’s nothing better than getting to mingle with other writers).

Where Have All the Shrimp Boats Gone, by Captain Woody Collins

Carolina Moonset, by NYT bestselling author, Matt Goldman with Jonathan Haupt

Reciprocity, by Tim Johnston at the Pat Conroy Literary Center

Currently, I’m editing The Haunting of Edgefield Manor, second in The Haunting series, release date November 2022. Book two of the Shadows series (Shadows of the War) has been written and awaits edits with a release date set for spring of 2023. Several more in The Haunting series are in the works to include book three set at the Lizzie Borden house, book four at Rose Hall (this will intersect with book three of the Shadows series), and book five in Abbeville, SC. I will hold a contest to decide where book six will be set, so sign up for my newsletter at for updates.

Until we meet again, enjoy a steaming cup of tea and a good book.


Victorian Lady Kim

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