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Spooky Movies

I love a good spooky movie, regardless of the time of year. Since it's the haunting season, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite spine-tingling films. None of these are slasher movies, only good-old fashioned ghost stories.

What Lies Beneath stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. This film has a ghostly mystery that will keep you guessing. It also has a great haunted bathtub scene! This is one of my favorites!

1408 is based on the Stephen King short story. He came up with this title because the numbers, 1, 4, and 8 equal 13. This is a movie you might not want to watch alone. In classic Stephen King style, it's not only scary but psychologically haunting.

On the lighter side are the Addams Family movies! Filled with ghostly fun and ghoulish themes, these movies highlight the love of family in a hauntingly gruesome setting. These are some of my favorites and I watch them every October.

The animated version of The Addams Family was released a couple of years ago and was an instant hit in our household. The animation is wonderfully done and the storyline typical of the classic Addams Family style.

There are so many haunted movies, both humorous and frightening, from which to choose. Please let me know which scary films haunt your October!

Happy Haunting,



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