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Weathering the Storm

Let me start this post by sending out my prayers for all who have been devastated by Hurricane Ian. Natural disasters are traumatic situations and I do not want this post to seem as if I'm making light of such things. We take hurricanes very seriously in the Lowcountry.

Scene from our kitchen window this morning.

As I write this, winds are gusting outside my window at about 35mph with a steady rain. It's been like this since yesterday afternoon. The storm is about 150 miles south of us and is currently a Category One hurricane. I'm often asked how we can tolerate hurricane season to which I reply, it's the price we pay for living in paradise. Most of the time, life in the Lowcountry is filled with sunny days, warm (OK, hot) temperatures, and a never ending view of God's artistry. Our history is rich. You can't throw a rock in this town without hitting something historic. Every so often, a nasty storm decides to visit. It's not pleasant and can be extremely stressful depending upon the strength of the storm. However, hurricanes allow plenty of time to prepare and/or evacuate. It's not a perfect situation but it works. Everyone has some sort of weather situation they must face and things are no different here.

Wind blowing through the Spanish moss this morning.

With that being said, we are thankful to still have electricity. I was able to have my tea (with a nip of bourbon cream:) and breakfast after a long walk with the pups first thing this morning. They were less than enthusiastic about the conditions. The winds blew their ears and fur while the rain soaked them. Presently, they are curled up beneath blankets behind me on my writing room floor. Just now, the winds went silent, an eerie sound after a morning of Spanish moss and loose branches tumbling from the trees. And as quickly as it quieted, it stirs up again.

Views from my writing room window as an eerie calm settles across the yard while the wind stills momentarily.

A little shot of bourbon cream in my tea is a special treat on this stormy morning.

The pups are curled beneath their blankets on my writing room floor as I type this:).

When life sends you storms, write on!

Thanks to all who are praying and sending well wishes our way! We appreciate you! Since I am on a hurrication from work, I plan on editing my upcoming release of The Haunting of Edgefield Manor. For those in the path of the storm, please stay safe! We're praying for all who have been impacted by the hurricane as well as those who remain in its path.


Victorian Lady Kim


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