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Writing in the Past

It’s probably no surprise as a writer and a Victorian that I enjoy engaging in old-fashioned methods of penmanship. While I write my stories on a laptop, I still indulge in the traditional method of letter writing and thank you notes. There’s something about the scratch of a nib scrolling across parchment that transports one to a more genteel era. Collections are numerous in our home ranging from hand-painted porcelains to clocks to hatpins. The treasures are displayed but also used. Most everything had a purpose in its heyday and, in my opinion, should continue to be utilized. This allows me to incorporate a little bit of the Victorian era into modern-day life, a true blessing indeed.

One of my collections includes antique pens, blotters, and lap top desks. If space allowed, I would collect desks; however, there is only so much room in a small Victorian cottage. After all, one must provide adequate seating for meals and relaxation, thus space for a collection of full-size desks gives way for dining tables, chairs, and sofas. If possible, I would create a desk museum filled with the most innovative and beautiful vintage and antique models. Over the past few years, we’ve found numerous examples of rare and exquisite desks offered through online auctions and marketplaces at affordable prices. Since I haven’t the room for all these desks, I’ve considered creating an online desk museum on my Pinterest page (might have to try that when I get done typing this newsletter).

While some people seek out pristine examples for their collections, I often choose the well-worn, scratched, or dented pieces. I love the imprint of the previous owner left behind from years of use. I also have a habit of repurposing items. For example, the small dish holding the dip pen in the first photo is a vintage ashtray. It cradles the pen gently allowing the glass bowl to catch any stray drops of ink while also holding additional nibs should I need one (old ash trays also work well as spoon holders). Antique laptop writing desks stack well and provide a decorative way of storing an assortment of items.

What sort of things do you enjoy collecting? Do you use your collections or just display them? Hit reply to this email and share.




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