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Spring into books!

Jasmine perfumes the air as birds serenade from moss-laden branches. Velvety petals reach toward the azure canopy overhead while bees busily flit from flower to flower. It’s spring in the Lowcountry, one of its most spectacular seasons. The scents, sounds, and splendor of this time of year encapsulates all who wander the sun dappled streets of town.

Today’s breeze is a bit chilly making indoor activities more appealing. I’ve actually done more non-writing than writing this morning. Distractions have included doing my nails, getting multiple cups of tea, having a snack, and posting on FB and Instagram. All of this has taken place at my writing desk so I could intermittently type a few words to make me feel as if I've made some progress. Of course, checking email is always part of my daily distractions from writing. When notice came that a package had arrived, I took the dogs out and checked the mail.

It's a bit chilly inside so the pups put on sweaters and I put on an extra pair of socks:).

I love getting packages, especially when it’s book mail! Currently, I’m working on a novella about my college dorms at Virginia Intermont College. This is part of the Dreamist series and will be released after book 3, The Haunting of Borden House. It’s a bitter-sweet endeavor as my beloved school closed its doors after 130 years of educating young people. The campus is deteriorating quickly due to neglect. Thankfully, the memories and friendships of my years there are alive and well. Still, watching my college campus slowly die is heart wrenching.


Last week I started the first of four installments about Indie bookshops. Today I’m featuring MacIntosh Books, a lovely bookshop on Bay Street. Just last week, I witnessed a young woman step through the glass door, take in a deep breath, and smile. Her joy over the smell of old books and leather bindings was apparent. That’s the beauty of MacIntosh Books. Not only do they carry local authors they also deal in old books. It’s a veritable time capsule of tomes.

Please check them out!

Old Bay Mkt. Place, 917 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC 29902


Apparently, the rabbit did it:).

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