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Artists make the world a better place!

It's football season which means I’m hanging out in another room reading a good book or writing on my laptop. That’s right, I don’t like football. In fact, I’m not a sports fan at all (although I do pull for my alma mater-Go Apps!). I’m not disputing the role of sports in society. It’s a great way for athletes to show their talents and entertain fans. It teaches team work and develops physical skills. However, I don’t feel it’s the most important thing in life or that athletic programs deserve all the glory and honor.


I’m more of an arts fan. I enjoy studying artwork of various mediums, reading books, watching movies, attending concerts, and listening to music. Museums, theaters, stages, and shelves exhibit the beauty and creativity that inspires, brings joy, and enhances the human experience.


Even better, you won’t find movie fans screaming at the screen because their favorite actor missed a line. You won’t find readers demanding an author be replaced because he/she made a grammatical error or typo. And you won’t find musicians threatening to oust someone for playing an incorrect note. Art is meant to sooth and provide a respite from the stress and aggravation of the real world (unless you're the artist trying to meet a deadline). Yet we rarely celebrate artists with the same passion as athletes.


I’m not suggesting we ignore the importance of sports. They have their place. But millions of dollars are spent every year on sports coaches and players. What if we invested the same kind of money and time on artists? Artists contribute just as much, if not more than athletes. Yet artists are often overlooked as if being athletic is the only thing that matters.


This week as we head into Thanksgiving and days filled with football games, think about all the artists creating items for gift giving or the writer whose eyes are blurry from staring at the screen for hours. Don’t forget the dancers who are rehearsing for upcoming Nutcracker performances. Give thanks for the singers and musicians who are practicing to make the holidays, and every day, special.


One more thing. Support your favorite author this holiday season. Give signed copies of his/her books as gifts to family and friends. Leave a positive review on Amazon or Goodreads. It’s not just athletes who deserve our support and admiration, artists do too. After all, artists make the world a more beautiful and enjoyable place. Without them, we’d be nothing more than a silent, emotionless, blank page. This week celebrate the artists in your life and give thanks for their willingness to share their gifts with the world.




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