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Dreaming out loud...

I love to dream out loud, regardless of how impossible that dream may seem. I've always wanted a small shop downtown that served hot tea, scones, and other bite sized treats. Additionally, I'd like to sell a few books with antiques scattered about. The place would be something akin to a Victorian parlor with crystal chandeliers, velvet sofas and chairs (they'd need to be overstuffed in a modern way so guests could curl up on them-after all, what's the point of having a cup of tea and a good book if you can't curl up?). Antique rugs would cover gleaming hardwood floors and the walls would be painted a deep burgundy.

This would be a place of comfort with no political nonsense or angry, hateful words. Just somewhere for people to relax, read, or chat with a friend. I would serve my special tea blends (yes, I blend my own teas) that would be served in proper tea pots with tea mugs (there is a difference) on a silver tray.

Mix and match china plates would be used for pastries and savories. Baked goods would come from local bakers who want to share their talents and maybe gain a few customers of their own.

Cozy throws made by local artisans would be draped on all the furniture with the option to purchase. Antique photos of 'instant relatives' along with paintings by local artists (also available for purchase) would line the walls.

Whimsical creatures such as gnomes and fairies would be tucked in corners and crevices. And of course, there would be ghosts!

There are so many empty buildings around town in disrepair that would be perfect for this magical dream of mine, but alas, as with all dreams, they are often unattainable...for now.

Dream on!




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