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Mango Memories

The scent of Mango flavored back tea tickles my nose as I pour the steaming brew into my cup. There’s nothing so soothing as a cup of tea. The aroma also stirs fond memories of a favorite tea room, the Faded Rose. Located in the heart of the antique district of Chamblee, Georgia, this little gem was a hang-out for me the summer I stayed at my mom’s house for a week to care for her cats while she attended a conference.

As an avid antiquer, Chamblee was always a must visit when I was in the Atlanta area. Tea rooms were cropping up everywhere so I was delighted to learn of the Faded Rose while shopping at the Broad Street Antique Mall. The quaint yellow Victorian cottage was nestled amidst shade trees and a rambling garden. It was a beacon of gentility amidst pavement and towering structures.

Like most tea houses, stepping inside was an instantaneous delight. Scents of freshly baked scones and tea wafted through the air inviting me to stay for a spell. While I cannot remember the name of the gentleman who greeted and served, I can see him in my mind clearly. We became good friends that week. I indulged in a simple lunch that first visit because full tea had to be ordered twenty-four hours in advance. Day two I enjoyed a scrumptious full tea. At the time, I worked at a local tea house in Port Royal and enjoyed chatting with the gent and the owner (forgot her name too) about tea house life. One of my favorite discoveries at the Faded Rose was the Mango black tea by Harney and Sons. Its fragrant bouquet is unmistakable and sweet flavor delectable.

Mango tea was my go-to every time I visited the Faded Rose Tea Room. This wonderful little tea house became a family favorite. Every time I visited the area, my mom, grandmother, and I would eat there.

Sadly, the tea room closed and the sweet Victorian cottage was bulldozed. A few of the large trees still shade what is now a parking lot (yes, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot). Every time I brew a pot of Mando tea, my mind goes back to that wonderful respite in the yellow Victorian cottage with its rambling gardens, friendly faces, delicious food, and pots of tea.

Book Review

Nothing pairs better with tea than a good book!

Jury of One

By John Warley

Jury of One is a legal mystery filled with sumptuous descriptions of the South Carlina Lowcountry along with a mystery that twists and turns like the estuaries traversing the waterways. The plot will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what will happen next. John’s legal expertise is reflected in the pages with just enough detail to lend credibility without boring the reader with too much legalese. The characters are well developed and likeable. A must read if you enjoy a good legal thriller with surprising plot twists.




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